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James McGuigan Thinking

James McGuigan Thinking

Welcome to James McGuigan’s online home.  Over the past few months I have been reviewing what I have achieved over the past 10 years.  My journey has been complex but I have achieved great things, and I wanted to blog these successes and evaluations to the world.  Firstly, to provide flashbacks to myself when I am old and grey, but most importantly to promote myself and share my views of the latest areas within software development.  Hopefully these views will not just help me, but also help you!

Let’s get the big terms out early to boost my SEO rankings; however, just like search engines by providing these semantics in a given context you should have an accurate summary of me.

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Latest Articles

  • Delivering Continuous Delivery
    An adventure into bringing Continuous Delivery into a team
  • Simplicity is the key to success
    Simplicity is the key to success within IT. By not identifying the correct problem, over complication can occur and could lead to an IT catastrophe.
  • Disaster Recovery versus The Cloud
    The strategic roadmap for enterprise architecture is to take advantage of the elasticity and the flexibility of cloud computing. The concept of not requiring active-passive architecture within a company’s infrastructure saves millions of pounds that when analysed is not achieving much return on investment, but when the worst happens is it wrong not to have… Read More »Disaster Recovery versus The Cloud
  • Mobile Development: Many Platforms, Many Different Implementations
    When should applications be developed for each mobile device? This article evaluates when they are required and if not, what else can be implemented to cater for the mobile market.
  • Let’s get lean!
    Lean thinking originates from Japanese car manufacturing where they adopted Just-In-Time (JIT) techniques into their supply chain and assembly factories.

Latest Tech-Thoughts

  • Browser Market Pollution: IE[x] is the new IE6
    This is a great link that provides an illustration of the automatic update process for Chrome and compares it against the static roll out of the new twelve month release strategy of IE[x].
  • How to build cross-browser plugin free experiences
    This is an article describing how to remove browser sniffing to implement a user experience where plug-ins such as Flash maybe disabled. Rey Bango analyses the MSN site to identify how the guys at Microsoft did it.
  • jQuery integration with Mobile Platforms
    Some exciting solutions to the problems of cross platform mobile development.
  • Losing my www
    Earlier this week I noticed that our friendly google-bot web crawler had decided to index my home page without the www prefix. I wasn’t all that concerned as google analytics was showing that everything was fine. The only symptom that was annoying me was the inability for IE7 to pick up the heading font on… Read More »Losing my www
  • The Death of 6 and the Rise of 9?
    Will the inception of IE9 finally put the last nail in the coffin of IE6. Microsoft speakers are now proclaiming that this is the case, but will it really happen?