• Delivering Continuous Delivery
    An adventure into bringing Continuous Delivery into a team
  • Simplicity is the key to success
    Simplicity is the key to success within IT. By not identifying the correct problem, over complication can occur and could lead to an IT catastrophe.
  • Disaster Recovery versus The Cloud
    The strategic roadmap for enterprise architecture is to take advantage of the elasticity and the flexibility of cloud computing. The concept of not requiring active-passive architecture within a company’s infrastructure saves millions of pounds that when analysed is not achieving much return on investment, but when the worst happens is it wrong not to have… Read More »Disaster Recovery versus The Cloud
  • Mobile Development: Many Platforms, Many Different Implementations
    When should applications be developed for each mobile device? This article evaluates when they are required and if not, what else can be implemented to cater for the mobile market.
  • Let’s get lean!
    Lean thinking originates from Japanese car manufacturing where they adopted Just-In-Time (JIT) techniques into their supply chain and assembly factories.
  • Refactoring: “Do It Right First Time?”
    Can code every be perfect in an agile environment? Refactoring allows for continuous improvements and strive for perfection.
  • eXtreme Programming (XP): Is it lean?
    The basis behind Lean Thinking is to re-think the existing value chain, but how does this fit into Agile development and XP?
  • Aspect Driven Development
    Aspect Driven Development provides a solution to implementing functionality that is isolated away from the domain model.
  • Strategic Domain-Driven Design
    Strategic Domain-Driven Design is a set of principles for maintaining model integrity, distillation of the domain model and working with multiple models.
  • Tactical Domain-Driven Design
    One of the core areas of Domain-Driven Design is tactical design. This provides a set of artefacts that allow the expression, creation and retrieval of the domain model.